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Saving Energy Costs With Effective Duct Cleaning

Washington DC Air Duct Cleaning Done With PrideEcoAirCare

Saving energy is one of the most important ways to keep monthly costs under control. That is why finding ways of saving energy is so important to homeowners. While there are indeed many ways to save money on energy, there is one clear method that more and more people are looking into today. Air duct cleaning provides excellent return on investment. By simply cleaning the air ducts in your home at least once a year you are likely to make back the initial cost of this type of service long before the year comes to and end. While the overall cost savings will vary depending on how much you use your HVAC system, the end savings can be quite noticeable. The other part of the cleaning equation with regard to air ducts is that you hire the right company to do this type of work. Not all companies are the same, so know who you are hiring and benefit by enjoying big energy savings on an annual bases. EcoAir Care is a trusted name in air duct services. Dependable and affordable Washington DC air duct cleaning is always just a phone call away.

How does mold get into ductwork?

mold removal

Anyone with a central air-conditioning system or a forced air system in general, should be aware of the potential for mold to grow in ducting and duct-work. One of the fastest ways to encourage the growth of mold in an air-conditioning system is to allow the coils to become dirty and dusty. Normal water condensation is a byproduct of the air-conditioning process. When this condensation accumulates on air conditioning coils and is combined with dirt and dust the end result is often mold. In addition, other situations related to an air-conditioning system can promote mold growth. For example, using inexpensive fiberglass type air filters can eventually cause mold related problems. These low-quality filters allow dust and dirt into an AC system where it then accumulates on coils. The location of an AC unit can also have an impact on mold development. Units that are installed in a basement or near other places where moisture is abundant can commonly accumulate unhealthy levels of mold. Other contributing factors to the growth of mold include the build-up of sawdust and other construction byproducts in duct-work. Homeowners should always play it safe and have duct-work cleaned at least once each year. This simple proactive strategy can greatly improve the overall quality of indoor air. Better quality indoor air through regular air duct cleaning means better health. EcoAir Care can help!

How Do I Keep My AC Running Good?


There are a number of ways to keep an AC system running good. One of the most obvious ways is to have regular maintenance inspections performed on your unit. This will alert a technician to possible problems that could develop with the unit at a later time. It is also a good time to check for any blockages that may be present in cooling vents. Even an unsuspecting bird nest can cause serious problems for your air conditioner. Another very important service that should become an annual routine for homeowners is to have duct cleaning performed. Why duct cleaning? The answer is simple and is essentially for the same reason you would have your unit’s components checked regularly. When debris and dirt accumulate in the ducts of your forced air system it can impede the normal flow of air. When this happens, the system must work harder to produce the same results. Cleaning out ducting is s smart and proactive approach to keeping your HVAC system working perfectly year round. Sometimes a little preventative maintenance can go a long way in saving a homeowner a lot of money.

How To Stop Allergies With Clean Indoor Air


It is likely that everyone knows someone that has allergies. However, did you know that many allergic conditions can be greatly reduced and even eliminated by simply improving the quality of the air in your home. It is true and that is why people all over the country are getting on board by having a professional air duct cleaning service remove the debris typically found in home ducting that is part of a forced air or other type of HVAC system. Testimonials from countless people have proven that something as simple as the cleaning of AC system or heating system ducts is enough to stop allergies in their tracks. Most people with allergies are not aware of these simple but true facts. As a result they may go years and even decades enduring unhealthy poor indoor air quality. The sad truth is that breathing is poor quality air, allergies are intensified and made worse. Many doctors today are waking up to the reality that dirty indoor air is harmful and are now recommending that people consider professional air ducting cleaning. It is good to know that something like allergies can be controlled with just a little understanding of what it means to live in clean air inside your home. Keeping your home’s air clean means better health for you and your family. It is really that simple, and that is why so many people tend to miss the importance of air quality. It is always a good policy to have your ducting cleaned at least once each year to ensure better overall health.

Does Duct Cleaning Save Energy?


As with any mechanical device, proper care and maintenance can help to ensure good operation and longer equipment life. When an HVAC system is cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that the air ducting system is free from dirt, dust and mold, there is a much greater chance that the system will operate more efficiently. When a a forced air system operates in a more efficient manner there are inherent energy savings that can be expected. The system does not have to work as hard to move large volumes of air and thus it uses less energy. As a bonus, not only does regular duct cleaning save energy but it also saves in terms of repair and maintenance costs associated with a typical HVAC system. Combine these benefits with the health advantages that clean ducts have been proven to offer and you have several great reasons to have your ducts professionally cleaned. A simple in-home estimate can quickly give you a good idea of what a routine air duct and vent cleaning project will cost. Clean air, energy savings and piece of mind is what you can expect from getting your home’s air ducts cleaned regularly.

What Is Black Mold?


The name itself may be somewhat confusing, because in fact, black mold can take on a number of appearances and typically is seen in a variety of colors. Even though many kinds of mold look black, upon closer inspection, it is often green, grey or a shade of one color or another. The main thing to know is that mold is not good and can impact the health of those living where mold is present. Areas of a home or office that are dark and most are where mold is most likely to grow. With dozens of species of mold in existence it is clear to see that mold can quickly become a serious problem for homeowners. One of the smartest things any homeowner can do is have a home inspected for mold. If mold is detected it is vital that its presence be addressed by a professional mold removal company. Ignoring mold and its continued growth can spell disaster for everyone living where mold is present. EcoAir Care is a trusted and respected name in mold removal and will always inspect your home’s air ducts for the presence of this troublesome type of often overlooked growth.

The Three Top Benefits Of Duct Cleaning

There are indeed many reasons to have the ducts throughout your home cleaned. While this is one thing that often goes unaddressed by most homeowners, it is probably one of the most important elements of maintaining your home in a healthy and fit condition. Numerous studies have shown that health related concerns can be directly attributed to the accumulation of dust, dirt and other particles in an air-conditioning venting system or other types of forced air equipment. Let’s explore three of the top benefits of getting the air ducts in your home cleaned on a regular basis.

1. Health Concerns

From invisible particulates to dust and mildew as well as mold and other undesirable allergens, dirty ducting can create serious health concerns. Removing pollutants and spores from the air that you breathe in your home is essential to long-term health.

2. Equipment Longevity

Air conditioning and heating systems that have accumulated dirt and dust are required to work harder and can eventually break down. The excessive accumulation of undesirable dirt and dust over a long period of time works to reduce the efficiency of HVAC equipment and ultimately costs more in terms of repair and replacement expenses.

3. Reduced Energy Costs

When heating and air-conditioning equipment is forced to work longer and harder to produce the same results there is an energy penalty usually involved. When systems run for extended periods of time to condition the air in your home your energy expenses will naturally increase. Keep your system clean and save yourself money in the long run.

Contact today and explore your options with regard to having the best Washington DC air duct cleaning service in the business improve your indoor air quality.

Why Is Duct Cleaning So Important?


The EPA has conducted several studies that clearly show indoor air to be far more polluted than typical outdoor air. This should concern anyone that takes their health and wellness seriously. Ducting and HVAC ducts can accumulate a considerable amount of dirt, dust and undesirable allergens that can have a direct impact on the health of everyone living in that dwelling. Mildew and mold are also a growing concern with regard to indoor air quality. Having your ducts cleaned at regular intervals can substantially reduce the amount of particulates that occur in the air in your home. Today, professional duct cleaning is almost essential to long-term good health. In addition, regular duct cleaning can greatly reduce the general cleaning requirements for your home. This means less surface dust, and less cleaning overall. Excessive debris buildup in your ducting can also eventually cause HVAC system failure simply because the system has to work harder. When an HVAC system has to work harder to produce results it has a greater potential for breakdown. Increased energy costs and increased HVAC repair expenses can be avoided by having annual air duct cleaning performed by a professional duct cleaning service. Washington DC duct cleaning that gets results is available exclusively through EcoAir Care. Call today!

What Is Duct Cleaning?


Indoor air pollution is a serious concern these days, and that is why duct cleaning is so important. Duct cleaning explained in the simplest of terms is the removal of dust, dirt and particles from the ducting associated with the various types of forced air systems on the market today. Total and complete duct cleaning can also include the cleaning of system components that connect with the primary ducting used to move air in a forced air system. Typical system components that are cleaned during a normal duct cleaning include the main supply and return air ducting, heat exchangers, drip pans, as well as the main air handling unit. Have duct cleaning performed regularly to prevent allergens from reducing the air quality in your home. Regular inspections of your home HVAC system will ensure that the system runs good and that the air in your home is clean and free of dust, allergens, dirt and other contaminants.

Air Duct Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air is vital for healthy living. Improving the indoor air quality would reduce the risk of asthma attacks, allergy outbreaks and pollution related symptoms.

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