Blower Cleaning

What is the Blower? Furnace Components

The main blower unit is part of the furnace or AC system, its basically a large fan, pushing the air into your duct system. Because the blower conducts all the air circulating in the HVAC system, its going to get very dirty and require a blower cleaning.

Every homeowner should learn more about the essentials of the blower cleaning that is typically associated with duct cleaning services and how this type of service can greatly improve your system’s overall performance.

Blower Cleaning Basics

Blower Cleaning - Mold on Blower


As the name implies a blower simply moves air or sends air to the desired location. In essence, blower is a fancy name for a fan. A typical blower is designed in such a way that it moves are in a cyclonic fashion directly into the ducting of a home for distribution to vents where the air is used to condition indoor air. When a homeowner has professional duct cleaning performed this component should be cleaned. A brush is normally utilized to carefully clean the individual fan blades of the unit. This combined with quality duct cleaning can greatly improve the quality of indoor air in a home of office. When duct cleaning services are done right all components of a HVAC or forced air system are cleaned as a total service solution. Partial cleaning is ineffective because contamination and debris will quickly spread and retrun to all areas and components of the unit.

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