Does Duct Cleaning Save Energy?


As with any mechanical device, proper care and maintenance can help to ensure good operation and longer equipment life. When an HVAC system is cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that the air ducting system is free from dirt, dust and mold, there is a much greater chance that the system will operate more efficiently. When a a forced air system operates in a more efficient manner there are inherent energy savings that can be expected. The system does not have to work as hard to move large volumes of air and thus it uses less energy. As a bonus, not only does regular duct cleaning save energy but it also saves in terms of repair and maintenance costs associated with a typical HVAC system. Combine these benefits with the health advantages that clean ducts have been proven to offer and you have several great reasons to have your ducts professionally cleaned. A simple in-home estimate can quickly give you a good idea of what a routine air duct and vent cleaning project will cost. Clean air, energy savings and piece of mind is what you can expect from getting your home’s air ducts cleaned regularly.

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