What is an Air Duct?

An air duct is a conduit of air leading from the furnace to the vent opening. A duct could be made out of metal, plastic or fiberglass insulation. The air duct system is something like a tree that handles all the air in the house, when the branches are the air ducts.

How Often Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Air duct cleaning is usually recommended every 2 years. If you have more then three people living in the home or if you have pets, it’s recommended to clean the ducts even sooner then that. People suffering from allergies must clean the air ducts every year.

Why Do I Need The Air Ducts In My Home Cleaned?

Studies have shown that dirt and dust left to accumulate in forced air systems leads to large amounts of harmful particulates in the air. Because indoor air quality is vital to good health many experts recommend that you have your HVAC ducts cleaned about once a year. Substandard indoor air quality has also been shown to aggravate conditions such as asthma.

Does The Duct Cleaning Process Take A Long Time?

To gain the health benefits of cleaner indoor air can literally be achieved in a matter of hours. A comprehensive duct cleaning done by experienced professionals can be completed in the space of several hours depending on the size of the home. Larger homes and commercial properties can take longer to complete.

What Other Benefits Are gained From Having The Air Ducts In My Home Professionally Cleaned?

When you have the air ducts throughout your home professionally cleaned you greatly increase the efficiency of your HVAC or forced air system. The system will not have to work as hard in order to produce results. Another benefit of having professional air duct cleaning is that energy costs can be reduced. When a system is not required to work as hard, energy usage is reduced.

Will My Health Insurance Cover The Cost Involved With Having My Home’s Air Ducting Professionally Cleaned?

We can not answer that question. Only your health insurance company can tell you for sure. There has been occasion where under certain circumstances insurance has covered certain aspects of this kind of work. You should call your insurance company and discuss this with them directly.

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