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How does mold get into ductwork?

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Anyone with a central air-conditioning system or a forced air system in general, should be aware of the potential for mold to grow in ducting and duct-work. One of the fastest ways to encourage the growth of mold in an air-conditioning system is to allow the coils to become dirty and dusty. Normal water condensation is a byproduct of the air-conditioning process. When this condensation accumulates on air conditioning coils and is combined with dirt and dust the end result is often mold. In addition, other situations related to an air-conditioning system can promote mold growth. For example, using inexpensive fiberglass type air filters can eventually cause mold related problems. These low-quality filters allow dust and dirt into an AC system where it then accumulates on coils. The location of an AC unit can also have an impact on mold development. Units that are installed in a basement or near other places where moisture is abundant can commonly accumulate unhealthy levels of mold. Other contributing factors to the growth of mold include the build-up of sawdust and other construction byproducts in duct-work. Homeowners should always play it safe and have duct-work cleaned at least once each year. This simple proactive strategy can greatly improve the overall quality of indoor air. Better quality indoor air through regular air duct cleaning means better health. EcoAir Care can help!

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